Why does the clutch slip and why?


1. The clutch compression spring is broken or aged and becomes soft, resulting in reduced pressure on the pressure plate, reduced friction, and reduced ability to transmit torque. When the load increases slightly, the clutch will slip.
2. Clutch clearance is too small. When the temperature of the release bearing and release lever increases, they will expand, causing the clutch to be in a semi engaged state when not disengaged. When the vehicle is idling, the slip is not obvious, and when the load increases, serious slip will occur.
3. There is oil contamination in the clutch, which reduces friction and causes slippage.
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4. The clutch plate is severely worn, damaged, or the rivets are exposed, reducing friction and causing the clutch to slip.
Therefore, when the clutch is found to be slipping, first check the clutch clearance. If the clutch clearance is OK, remove the clutch for a comprehensive inspection. If there is oil contamination in the clutch plate, find out the cause of oil ingress and eliminate it. Then, clean the clutch plate with gasoline and use it after reassembly; If the clutch plate is damaged or the spring is broken, replace it with a new clutch plate and spring.

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