Introduction to the functions of pneumatic clutches


A pneumatic clutch is a device that uses pressing on a rotating object to make another object that has stopped rotating. Pneumatic clutches are widely used in various industries such as machinery, metallurgy, food, printing, and have powerful functions. Let's go and learn more about it with the editor:
1. It can continuously operate and slide, and work at high frequencies.
2. The device has a disk with a large heat capacity and a heat sink, so it has a good heat dissipation effect.
Shaanxi Clutch
3. Torque control
The control range is relatively wide, and the torque can be adjusted, with a torque ratio ranging from 1:15 to 1:880.
4. Using non asbestos friction plates and no electrical equipment, the pneumatic clutch has good wear resistance, heat resistance, and high pneumatic safety.
5. The pneumatic clutch has a fast rotational speed and smooth operation, with stable operating characteristics.
6. The pneumatic clutch has a simple structure, simple maintenance, and long service life.

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