Five common questions about automatic clutch installation


Will the addition of an automatic clutch accelerate the wear of the clutch plate?
The principle of an automatic clutch is simply that there is a robotic arm to help you step on the clutch. When you need to step on the clutch, it will automatically help you step on it, and the computer will automatically control how much you step on and how much you put on. The fastest time for an automatic clutch is 0.02 seconds, with a control accuracy of 0.02 MM. This speed and accuracy are beyond human reach. The shorter the time for half clutch, the less wear on the clutch plate. Under the same conditions, compared to manual and clutch control, the automatic clutch actually reduces the time for half clutch state, thereby reducing the wear on the clutch plate.
Can installing an automatic clutch save fuel?
The separation time of the automatic clutch is 0.02 seconds, and the separation time of the manual clutch is more than 1 second. As we all know, the engine transmits power through the clutch. The longer the clutch is separated, the less power is transmitted. Fuel saving is mainly achieved by reducing the clutch separation time. The specific amount of fuel saving depends on driving skills and habits, which is difficult to reflect on high speed, and generally can save more than 5% in urban areas.
What is the difference between a manual car with an automatic clutch and an automatic car?
After installation, due to the fact that the gearbox has not changed and still belongs to mechanical transmission, the fuel consumption remains unchanged. The biggest difference between automatic transmission and automatic transmission is that manual upshifting and downshifting are required
Xi'an overrunning clutch
4. After installation, can the car pass the annual review and license plate registration?
The key point of the annual review is to see if there are any changes to the engine number, accelerator, brakes, etc. The automatic clutch system has not made any changes to these parts from beginning to end, so there is no modification involved, which will not affect the annual review and license plate registration. In addition, we have a one-button switch. After turning off the system, we can go to the annual review.
5. Is automatic clutch modification legal?
The automatic clutch is an add-on product that does not belong to the scope of modification, and does not change the original vehicle clutch, let alone the engine, gearbox, brakes, and accelerator, and other safety related items. Even the installation hole location is used by the original vehicle hole, which only collects the original vehicle signal (vehicle speed, rotational speed, oil valve, brake), without affecting the original vehicle trip computer; Pull the clutch fork through a cable to control clutch separation and closing (equivalent to stepping on the clutch); After turning off the system switch, it is equivalent to not installing an automatic clutch and returning to stepping on the clutch. Therefore, the installation of the automatic clutch is not the scope of modification, and it is definitely not illegal modification. Various media reports have reported the legality and stability of our company's automatic king brand products.

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